Our Purpose

by coinewzealand

COINZ exists because of key changes in our economy. We believe that many of our current woes, such as inequality, cost of living increases, resource over-consumption, and environmental degradation are symptoms, rather than causes. Financial markets are distorted due to government and businesses are limited by their structural framework.

We believe that software can offer a solution to these issues. Specifically, we believe that business as normal is no longer an option. Automation and resource shortfalls mean that much of the current economy cannot be sustained. As such, many bureaucratic jobs in business and government will no longer exist. This does not mean the end of the world, though. It means the beginning of a new paradigm.

A thriving economy, like a thriving ecosystem, is characterized by diversity. A variety of small, medium, and large businesses with people spending and saving is preferable to a stagnant oligopoly. As such, a basic income to all citizens allows them to partake in, contribute to, and compete in the economy. We do not care about political drama, but instead how we can make life better for all.

Governments, businesses, and conventional nonprofits may be unwilling to invest in the expenses of a basic income program. As such, COINZ will pioneer different types of digital currency for this application. We’re also interested in integrating other programs, such as a national wealth funds, civic investment, and direct democracy, with our software. If it succeeds, it offers a model that can easily be emulated around the world. If it fails, it shows how others can improve upon what we have tried.

Basic income is a direct investment in the future. Are you in?